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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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. >> good afternoon, everybody welcome to the san francisco budget & finance sub-committee for march 25, 2015, simon's i my name is to mark farrell i'll be chairing the committee and joined momentarily by commissioner eric mar thank you clerk linda wong and thank you jonathan's completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march 31st board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated okay. thank you madam clerk both items will be continued at
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the request of the mta madam clerk kauldz call items 10 and 11. >> the resolution for the funding agreement with the air quality management for the sfmta project in the amount for a term for 10 years following the board approval and item 11 resolution for the sfmta 3w4r57k9 approval for a grant agreement for the air quality management agreement for the bicycle project in seizing excess of 10 years. >> continue item for one anyone who wishes to speak and then to the call of the chair monl anyone want to comment on items 10 or 11 seeing none, public comment is closed. could we have a entertain a motion to continue item 10 for
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one week and leveling to the call of the chair. >> authorizing the fire department to accept the gift at approximately 50 thousand for the fire department marina operations. >> thank you. we have mark from our fire department. >> i'm here to present the item on the agenda the request for the approval for the presented to accept a marina vehicle from benny hoff in vehicle will be a great asset unique land capacity with the land cliff functions and the overhead operations on behalf of the present the fire commission thank you to benny hoff for his generous gift and ask the board to approve this gift. >> open up for public comment anyone want to comment on item
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anniversary seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> thank you. i see for item 2 we have a similar gift to our police department i mean how are are we going to take not happy to forward this open up for public comment full board. >> thank you item 2. >> resolution 30 years the police department to accept a gift approximately 50 thousand for used by the police department marin. >> all right. sergeant matthew's. >> thank you very much we also have a great need for this piece of equipment specialized thoshsz in our marine unit and thank you for this generous diversity. >> is there anyone from the public who wishes to comment supervisor tang.
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>> thank you supervisor farrell and i were saying we are only going to approve this if we ride on that i move we pass that with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. and ordinance amending the administrative code to address the members of the health care trust fund for health care coverage and the trust fund from the code section 24.02. >> thank you very much we have the controller's office lady. >> thank you, michelle controller's office the health care trust fund was passed by the voters with prop b so this administrative code change before you is really clean up to include the new fund and some of the administration active
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provisions specifically the trust fund members so that their officers of the city they participate in the health care system and also contracting procedures conform to the employee retirement system. >> thank you i should added in the beginning this is something i agreed to sponsor with the huntington park trust fund we knew what was coming up this is finally before us so no questions well open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> all right. make a motion to pass forward this ordinance with a with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> can we take that without objection? >> item 4. >> resolution authorizing the general manager of the united states constitution to check out an amendment to water water
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enterprise for the improvement project number cf 411 r for the replacement project in the amount not to exceed $68 million. >> thanks for puc for being here. >> good morning supervisors i'm dan the water system improvement director sfpuc i'm here to talk about two items i'll pause between the items the first construction services agreement amendment with black and beach corporate with the respect process that is an agenda four and pause for the next item but speak to the construction services professional agreement with hatch mcdonald and all of them are critical projects for
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the part of $4.80 billion prompt program this slide shows the water system serves san francisco which includes 2 hundred 6 million people in the bay area including the san franciscans and folks outside the san francisco bay area that is shown in orange and the two projects that we're speaking 6 circled in red which is the first place that the regional water in the bay area has the reservoirs merge with the hetch hetchy ac duty and enter it before it going to the bay division pipelines and the peninsula so this first item is to amend the construction contract with black and beach
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corporations this project is one of the most critical water system improvement projects the largest project and the most complex on many levels we have and do have unanticipated geologic site positions that quoted the years by 3 years the original schedule was four years now over 7 it is 60 percent complete construction but we have another several years to go and in the geologic site i've talked about go ancient landslides that add cube yards to the excavation we need to extend the contract to support this critical project to provide ongoing support for the close
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out it includes the construction contractors contract quality insurance inspection and close out this aerial photo shows a fairly recent shot the existing dam on the left an urban project completed in 1925 it was a replacement the existing demon a seismically vulnerable we've extended the capacity and encompassed a severe limits on this operations especially in a drought condition so we need to continue construction on this project so we can get this reservoir in full use in a timely manner to date 70 million excavation this is an excavation about seven hundred and 50 photo high and it is very complex on
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many levels the sore is starting to take shape the new dam will be filling space for the comboift dam the most of the work on this project is in precipitation for the construction but most of the work in the foundation prep to make sure we have a confident foundation and so the request on this item to approve the black and beach the c s-11 contract we want to increase it $29 million not to exceed to $29 million and extend it for a total duration of 10 years and 8 months to continue construction and make sure we have the management on this project that is needed to
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complete that critical project so with that i'll be happy to take questions. >> thank you, mr. rose your report first. >> yes. mr. chair and supervisor tang on page 3 of our report the total revised budget for the kald versus dam project $70,118 plus it include the black and beach for $38 million and the $28 million request for a total contract not to exceed 7 of $68 million and the expenditures to date again shown in table are $244 million plus table 4 which is on page 4 of our report details the requested
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increase of $29 million with the proposed amendment to the contract we recommend i approve that legislation. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> supervisor tang. >> question on page 4 of the budget analyst report had two questions on the costs i so you r saw the outreach for example if so costing 86 hundred plus dollars what guess going going into the outreach i understand the scope of the project is important but expensive outreach. >> we recognize that's a lot of money for county outreach to put that in context this is the most important project and continues to get the most attention during construction there are species
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which required engagement with the community both prior to construction and after construction or during construction but we have a number of issues in fact over the in connection few years we are going to have significant milestones that are going to require significant public outreach support and in keeping with the environmental justice and the benefits policy where we explicitly describe our commitment the public outreach is a huge part of that and selma is an active community people want to know what's going on driver's license is a lot of construction and one point plus billion dollars over the last several years in the valley and we have quick meetings and a lot of engagement with the folks in addition calaveres road it going goes obeying by the calaveres
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biking route and californians use that during the construction our outreach folks are front and center with the biking groups as well as during an 18 most the cal versus county roads will be closed so with the biking groups and with others in the community to insure that goes well as well as law enforcement so we have three or four years left of significant milestones we also have parks along the wilderness and project sites so we actually update the community with our website as iowa the asbestos levels are and one of the neighbors the parks district is very interested in the topic
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and we have an engagement with them on a regular basis as well and regular updates to the county of synowe there is a school at the north side of the valley i'm to refer to it as a high contact sport to make sure we implement the project smoothly. >> so the $686 million is for the remaining project. >> that's correct. >> that didn't account for the other projects. >> that's correct. >> we have a full-time community person on the project site they will wound down their time as the project you know gets towards the end that person helps poem be informed about blasting that be took place and notice to the community she fields calls and gets a lot of
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calls to make sure that people understand when the blast is going to occur and making sure they're not on hiking trails and so there is a lot of engagement on a daily basis. >> okay. i mean i definitely understand the level of outreach it is high to me but i'll move on i want to clarify the other direct charges the $1.4 million. >> the other direct charges are expenses that are not staff time such a vehicles and project on a steep terrain required for the management team and the team pays for part of that those are as a result of being there and
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laboratory costs for materials that are needed for the construction management team all of those expenditures have unknown staff time. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor tang seeing no other questions open up for public comment would anybody in the public like to comment on item number 4 okay seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> all right. well i will make a motion to forward out the resolution with a positive recommendations to the full board. >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk can you please call item 5 and resolution authorizing the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute the matter inform europeans project not to exceed of
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$19.5 million. >> welcome back. >> good morning, supervisors dan the water program director those two item 5 which is the construction management services with hatch mcdonald with the tunnel project this project is actually much closer to completion there than the cal versus project we have ground water entrugs and gas conditions and geowill logic conditions that have an extension foot project schedule and other things that are required that occurred last fall two sections of land that bubbled it was discovered r0u9 that needed to be repaired we've fully rerouted the whole tunnel portions of the tunnel are in service the
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construction continues to finish up both end of the tunnel and 96 percent completed and there is work to do as well we anticipate filing a completion actually completion this fall and final by the end of the year we have services that are needed to continue the construction management final close out for the additional quality sticks or inspection this is a photo of recent complete tunnel the last activity of the motor lynn machine there inside the tunnel that the motor lynn since it protects the tunnel lynn from co-sponsor recognize and that was the last operations for you putting this tomb into service on february 27th it is safer today because this instructional u tunnel provides critical
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services for the oracle duty to deliver the liability for 2 point i6r million people in the bay area so this action approves the amount for hatch mcdonald to increase the amount not to exceed $19.5 million and expend it by one year for a total of seven years this will allow us to complete this critical project as well i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> okay. thank you why don't we go mr. rose to our report and to questions. >> yes. mr. chair on page 8 the total revised budget for the tunnel is $30,900,000 plus it includes the construction
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management contract for $17.5 million and the requested $2 million for a total not to exceed $19.5 million and the new urban tunnel expenditures are $314,000 plus and again, that's in tackle one on page 8 of our report and table 4 open page 9 of our report summarizes the increases of $2 million to the hatch mcdonald contract we recommend you, you approve it. >> thank you, mr. rose any questions for the commissioners public comment is closed. seeing none, public comment is closed 0 so we have a recommendation to approve the resolution. >> all right. to the chair i will make a motion to forward out the resolution with a
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positive recommendation to the full board. >> we'll take that without objection. >> item 6. >> resolution approving the contract security to provide armed security services approximately $38.4 million for a term of 3 years. >> thank you good morning supervisor farrell and supervisor tang on behalf of the agency we're here to get an approval of armed and urban armed security services thirty thousand plus hours for the protection of revenue saddles and collection for event and one hundred and 59 hours of unarmed services unanimously for the protection of buses for a significant deployment and the
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workload and staffing the 24/7 transportation center maintaining the video as an program and for the safety of the patrons and staff supporting supervisor breed anti graffiti with the patrol for the uploading for the self-police department and 6 percent to check for compliance with the americans with disabilities act and all security officers currently deploy at sfmta for the security will be paid the prevailing wage we wanted to address jufshlg concerns in the armed areas the result that some of the services is are no longer necessary as a more streamlined revenue collection process is in
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place that requires fewer personnel in the unarmed area certainly not described that situation as ideal, however given our budgetary concerns it is a decision we have to make to pay for the serviced we have, however, i'm certain the discipline and springs we'll provide condition to those continue to serve the agency over the last couple of years we've had improvement not video system and the evaluating assessment made will several recommendations we anticipate be able to pay for with a u.s. grant from the state this includes additional intrusion protection and surveillance so
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what is a seat protection we're in line with the sfmta to secure the assets patrons and staff i welcome our questions. >> we have can you quintessential revisit the history of what happened the first time the 3wid happened. >> how we got here today. >> i'm going to ask my colleague mr. chair. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm the manager of the mta so the history we issued a request for invitation for bid last year being the low bidder in norwalk the involved andrew at this point we came to this board as well as the supervisors recommended approval of the
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contract to andrew international there were issues relayed to the bid pricing that andrew simpleminded they felt that the prirz was not positions essentially under bid there was allegations to other bidder that may have increased the wage rates at the end so at the time tests full board meeting surrounding international pulled out of the bid allegations will be the wage increases we did an imperial revenue if the time of the r f b was issued we didn't find any descriptions only anywhere things nothing major so when andrew pulled out we issued a request for a proposal went to
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the selection process and 5ur7bdz scored the highest we entered into negotiations with 5ur7b8dz at that time the pricing structure was different we asked for an overhead rate essentially whatever they got the benefits would add the overhead and profit rate to it when we started negotiations 5u7b8dzandrews said they had a profit and asked their proposal overhead and profit rate was 45 percent in the proposal to ask for apple increase of 349 percent we asked for a lower
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rate than proposed we negotiated in good faith and didn't reach an agreement we sent them a letter we were going to terminate the negotiations so we negotiated in good faith they included the provisions in their rates and here we are requesting approval. >> what's their overhead and profit rate. >> the proposed rate 2 and a half percent over the 6 year term. >> okay. all right. no other questions mr. rose can we go to your report please. yes mr. chair and supervisor tang as sheen no table 2 on page 15 of our report based on the sfmta capitol hill puncture projections they'll pay $34 million plus for the armed
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services and 9 hundred 56 hours of urban armed services over the full 6 year contract period the budget projection or so of 390 millions plus are 5 thousand more not to exceed in the amount of $38 million plus sfmta will make adjustments to remain within the not to exceed proposed contract. >> on page 17th century of our report we show a exchanger of tables two and three under the proposed initial contract cypress security will provide a reduction in service hours a 7.1 percent reductions and 76 unarmed service hours that's


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